Brand Safety in CTV Advertising

Brand Safety in CTV advertising

After a number of high-profile cases with prominent brand advertisements appearing next to inappropriate content, brand safety became a contentious issue. The adverse effects of passive brand safety methods on brand equity and reputation were made abundantly clear to marketers. The supply chain as a whole finally understood the significant danger and subsequent cost in terms of income and brand image. Since then, marketers and publishers have prioritised brand safety as a major topic of conversation.

CTV offers a number of benefits when it comes to digital advertising. On the one hand, we have household TV sets that offer plenty of options for brand promotion. You don’t frequently have the chance to play an advertisement to a large family gathering in the living room, all of whom are anticipating the premiere of a new programme. The target audience is engaged after seeing and hearing the message.

Professionals in the market are drawn to CTV since it is a somewhat discreet advertising medium. For instance, privacy is cited as one of the motivations offered by advertisers for increasing their CTV budgets in the IAB 2022 Brand Disruption Report.

Brands are paying massive money to use this medium to reach consumers as more advertisers are seeking to combine the measurability of digital video on the widest living room screen. Protecting your brand’s reputation requires being aware of the dangers of negative content. When you are in a powerful and favourable position, taking precautions to protect your brand’s reputation can help you avoid any negative publicity. This is crucial for CTV, which is expanding rapidly.

Brand safety and appropriateness strategies should be reviewed on a frequent basis in order to adapt and pivot to changing news cycles, actual events, the appearance of false new stories, and the spread of extremist material. Therefore, speed is essential for receiving and evaluating information about where your advertising is showing as well as for modifying brand appropriateness limits.

Ads that are optimised for brand safety have higher view time, indicating that they are more effective in delivering a comprehensive message in brand-safe CTV environments. 9Media Online ensures a complete brand-safe environment for advertising. Get in touch with us for a consultation session here.