What is CTV fraud and how can it be stopped

What is CTV fraud and how can it be stopped

Specialised ad fraud in general does not fundamentally vary from fraud on CTV, and there are essentially just two techniques for fraudsters to falsify attributions in this situation. Media buyers assume CTV is a largely fraud-free environment because there is such a small amount of streaming TV inventory and the supply is more difficult to access than mobile and desktop media – fraudsters can procure malicious mobile apps onto phones more easily than they can get CTV apps into Roku accounts.

Publishers lack the technological safeguards necessary to identify and eliminate fraudulent traffic which is a contributing factor in CTV ad fraud. This is comparable to how publishers require improved tools to combat ad fraud. Advertisers don’t receive transparency into the impressions they are actually purchasing on the opposite side of the supply chain.

Spoofing, which involves passing off a signal from a fraudulent operation as coming from a legitimate source, is the most prevalent sort of CTV fraud. Bad actors use spoofing techniques to steal advertising dollars by pretending to be viewers of adverts on CTV devices. With the use of certain computer IP addresses, attackers can mimic other computer systems and generate fraudulent communications by using the practice known as IP spoofing.

Another very prominent technique is device spoofing which is used by malicious actors to appear to be using a different device, such as a laptop, mobile phone, or browser, in order to click on advertisements and fill out forms on websites. A high volume of clicks originating from a single device is typically a sign of fraud. However, dishonest actors can pretend to be audiences and syphon off advertisers’ advertising budgets without being detected as fraud by masking their real devices.

Now the question is, are there any solutions to the problem? The industry’s greatest chance to combat fraud is to make the bid stream transparent to a larger extent. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable CTV advertisement supplier that can support your marketing objectives as you lay out your OTT and CTV advertising plan. Finding trustworthy services will be much easier if you take the time to do so. At 9MO, we utilise the greatest IVT technologies available in the market, including Human, Protective Media, and Double Verify. These solutions assist marketers in eradicating CTV fraud and saving money.