How CTV Advertising Can Boost Your Brand Awareness

How CTV Advertising can boost your brand awareness

Long-term brand recognition and awareness building are difficult for the majority of large businesses and organisations. This necessitates keeping up with shifting audience patterns, new publication outlets, and marketing trends—all of which are continuously changing. Potential customers are more likely to make low-frequency purchases, such as yearly subscriptions or renewals, when firms spend on awareness efforts.

The most apparent advantages of linked TV advertising are increased brand recognition and reach as well as improved brand legitimacy and reputation. In contrast to conventional pay TV, interactive CTV advertisements may also assist you in creating open channels of connection with your target audience. The rising use of OTT platforms and smart TVs is responsible for the surge in CTV advertising. For this new generation of viewers, OTT streaming is the best option due to the wide variety of high-quality on-demand material available and its cross-device compatibility. Advertising on Connected TV enables businesses to make use of both traditional and digital video marketing advantages. Similar to regular TV advertisements, CTV advertising enables you to contact potential clients in their living rooms. But it also incorporates the same targeting and tracking capabilities of video marketing. Additionally, savvy marketers may want to explore developing distinct messages for cord-cutter and digital-only customers. In the future, Connected TV will replace traditional TV advertising, assisting businesses in raising impact and visibility, while mobile devices will continue to rule the engagement and action arena.

In India, there are over 20 million households with CTV; however, less than 10% of total ad spending and over 25% of internet video spending go to this medium. CTV is a crucial connection connecting the conventional and digital worlds. Media consumption is evolving, and CTV as a category is expanding in terms of audience size and screen effect. Engagement on CTVs will help create a real effect for a brand’s company and its customers.

A key facilitator for content consumption on CTV is the idea of binge-watching on demand for non-live material. Brands may profit from CTV and attract new customers in novel ways by periodically using these trends regularly and efficiently. Advertisers may also determine which tent pole assets are active or not live and provide surrounding awareness around them to increase audience interaction.

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