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CTV Advertising: The Showstopper of The Fashion Industry Ramp 

CTV Advertising: The Showstopper of The Fashion Industry Ramp 

Diverse consumer preferences? No problem! CTV Advertising can handle it. 

The rules of marketing are a bit different in the realm of fashion. Fashion products and clothes, unlike everyday goods or services, are a matter of personal preference. So, how do fashion firms attract their audience’s attention? Traditional methods relied on publishers and broad ad placements, but the era of programmatic advertising is changing the game.

Programmatic CTV Advertising for Fashion Brands

The introduction of programmatic media buying has triggered a major change in the fashion market. It enables retailers in fashion to precisely target their potential clients in real-time. This shift, away from a one-size-fits-all strategy, and toward a more individualized approach is influencing the industry.

Recognizing Customer Intention

One of the challenges for fashion businesses is the diversity of consumer choices. Fashion products, in contrast to other commodities, have a broad range of alternatives. This makes understanding clients’ individual preferences and purchasing intent crucial. To increase campaign success rates, programmatic advertising uses dynamic remarketing tactics and contextual targeting

Expanding Opportunities

In the past, fashion brands were limited in their marketing efforts. However, programmatic media buying and advertising have opened up new possibilities. Fashion brands now harness the power of data, such as past purchase history, preferences, and location data, to predict consumer behavior. This data-driven approach allows them to target specific customer segments more effectively.

Continuous Audience Targeting

Marketing to the same audience once is not enough. Fashion brands use continuous remarketing strategies to engage with their audience and expand their reach. By analyzing customer preferences and behaviors, they can create personalized communication methods. For example, if a customer has shown interest in a particular product, programmatic advertising ensures that similar products are presented to them across various platforms. This personalized approach increases the likelihood of a purchase and builds brand loyalty.

In-Depth Campaign Analysis

Programmatic display advertising allows fashion brands to implement geofencing campaigns while providing real-time performance analytics. Such platforms generate transparent campaign performance reports that are extremely useful to brands. Fashion brands can make informed decisions and adjust their tactics to improve the performance of their items by studying the data.

Personalized Brand Promotion

Fashion brands can reach a larger audience with precise accuracy thanks to programmatic advertising buying. Advertisements are strategically shown at the right time and in the right place, increasing their chances of grabbing the attention of potential buyers. The user’s decision to click and make a purchase is influenced by a calculated programmatic advertising approach. By combining customer intent with other relevant factors, brands can achieve a better return on investment through remarketing and programmatic search retargeting.

Meeting Modern Customer Needs

Today’s fashion consumers are complex, with a multitude of factors influencing their choices. Fashion brands recognize the need for a modern and data-driven approach to connect with these consumers effectively. Programmatic advertising is at the forefront of this transformation, allowing fashion brands to navigate the intricate world of customer preferences and deliver tailored messages that resonate with their audience.

Implementing Programmatic CTV Advertising In Real World 

MISA Los Angeles, renowned for its handcrafted fashion pieces, set its sights on expanding its advertising horizons into the realm of Connected TV (CTV). Having witnessed the successes forged by other brands through advanced programmatic CTV campaigns, they came to the decision to harness the power of Performance TV to realize their ambitious advertising objectives.


Reaching New Audiences, Elevating Conversion Rates, and Maximizing ROAS

For MISA LA, the uncharted territory of television advertising beckoned with opportunities to broaden their customer base and elevate their revenue. Armed with the goal of surpassing their Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) targets, MISA embraced Performance TV as the perfect vehicle to help them achieve this feat.

The Solution:

Prospecting, Retargeting, and Precise Audience Targeting

Embarking on their CTV journey, MISA Los Angeles initiated a prospecting campaign, a strategic move to attract fresh traffic to their digital doorstep. They leveraged CTV’s agility to experiment with new audience strategies, dedicating focused campaigns to specific product pages and running tailored creatives. Their retargeting efforts zeroed in on bridal products, reaching audiences with an affinity for high-end fashion and keywords like “weddings” and “bridal.”

MISA LA’s creative production schedule was in sync with the seasons, with lifestyle videos shot at various locations ahead of each launch. They could effortlessly update their creative content as needed, ensuring that their video ads remained current and in sync with new product arrivals each season.

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The Results:

Exceeding ROAS Targets, Surpassing Conversion Rates, and Amplifying Media Revenue

By exploiting the advantages of performance  CTV, MISA Los Angeles unlocked the ability to scrutinize its campaign performance through comprehensive reporting. Their combined 4.36x ROAS exceeded initial expectations by nearly 10%, driving a remarkable conversion rate of 3.81% – a staggering 159% higher than their sitewide conversion rates. Notably, their total retargeting conversion rate recorded a 4.53% surge, a remarkable 202% higher than the audience average.

Throughout their campaigns, MISA LA witnessed the ripple effects of Connected TV’s halo effect on their other live marketing channels, including paid search and social. The cumulative result was an impressive 20% upswing in marketing sales and an equivalent 20% boost in media revenue. These triumphs culminated in an overall revenue growth of 14% within just one month.

By supercharging their existing marketing endeavors and tapping into new, ongoing prospects for success, MISA Los Angeles found programmatic CTV performance campaigns to be the catalyst for their soaring achievements.

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Incorporating Programmatic CTV into Your Marketing Campaigns 

Thriving in the fashion industry is no easy task. With MISA LA’s remarkable achievements, alongside numerous other retail brands, it’s abundantly clear that if your retail brand hasn’t ventured into CTV advertising, the time is right to do so. Embark on your CTV advertising odyssey by assessing your existing strategies and discovering how performance CTV can seamlessly integrate with them. You can start with simple steps and refine your approach as you go – that’s the inherent flexibility of CTV advertising.

If you still require assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our CTV specialists at 9MediaOnline for a complimentary consultation today!

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